Municipalities, Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities
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Although not directly related to commercial pools, water treatment and sewage facilities have a major role in our community. Such importance to the well being of our environment, strict regulations and guidelines need not be taken lightly. Our product is used for the water supply that Long Islanders drink. It’s also found in the treatment of waste water to keep our community clean. Residential cesspool companies are using chlorine as an alternative to the current sulfuric acid. There’s significant cost savings along with the benefit as a safer product to handle.

With that said, here at Twin County we only provide the highest quality of Sodium Hypochlorite with a concentration of 15%. From the factory from where it’s produced to our facility then yours, it’s that simple.

Add us to your bid list or give us a call to find out more information on how we can improve your district budget for years to come.