Custom Masonry
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Custom masonry often becomes the unsung hero. We like to stress the utter importance behind the pool to the deck we walk on.

Masonry is the most misunderstood area for the commercial pool owners. Whether it be the replacement of decks or the entire pool shell, this type of job is considered a specialized task that should only be performed by a professional pool company.

The construction involved is mandated by NY State Health Dept. therefore, structural and legal issues follow. With that said, this isn’t work for your typical masonry firm. There have been reports of renovations performed by “non-commercial pool professionals” only to be retrofitted or even worse completely redone. This is due to the lack knowledge of the current codes upon inspection by the NYS Dept. of Health.

Violations become costly, do it right the first time. Contact us when you’re ready for such a huge investment. We can provide you with past projects photos, tours of locations we’ve constructed and most importantly budget what’s right for you.