About Us
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In the early 1960’s, I worked for a local gunite pool company. In those days, the builders focused more on building the pools then actually planning maintenance for them once completed. I had researched the possibility for such a market and decided to provide the service.

After partnering up with a plumber we started Twin County Service Co. in 1964, which in turn went active March 1965. We’ve been in the same location since. By 1967, I assumed the entire business as my own.

We have a retail store open to the general public, backed by an in-house service shop. Sounding easier then it was, as woman owner back then this industry was highly unusual for me to be in.

Eventually my husband joined the company along my side in the day to day operations. My son Randy at 12 years old became part of this growing business as well.


-Charlotte C. Cestaro